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Joseph Figueroa Morales, Class 14-01


"To the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy: Thank you for giving me the tools, the discipline and the knowledge to help me get where I am Today!"


Currently, former Cadet Figueroa is now stationed at the United States Armed Forces, Hawaii as an E-5 in an Infantry Unit.


Carlos Flores Alvarado, Class 11-02

"When I was 17 years old my life lacked vision, focus, balance, structure, self-control and, most of all, inner peace.  I was undisciplined and rebellious.  I was extremely impulsive and emotional always wanting to manipulate others, particularly my parents and peers. I was always in trouble or facing some sort of problem.  To make things worse I didn’t want to hear anyone’s advice much less follow the rules no matter where they came from.


ChalleNGe set me up for success. It took me 22 weeks of hard work in the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy program under the finest instruction, guidance, direction and mentorship; and my life was totally transformed for the better.  I proved to myself not only to be a good athlete but also that I was capable of being a better human being.  To my surprise, I even became a leader for the better becoming President of the Science Club of my ChalleNGe Class 11-02.  I obtained my high school diploma through ChalleNGe graduating with honors. 


I earned a baseball scholarship from Rio Grande University in the State of Ohio in the U.S.  I played baseball during my four years of college, winning numerous tournaments, championships and sports awards such as the 2017 Golden Glove.  Today, I am reciprocating everything ChalleNGe gave me by serving as Cadre in the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy helping other troubled or at-risk youth improve their lives as well by providing them the sense of purpose, direction, motivation, and vision that this excellent program gave me once upon a time".

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