Emphasis on each cadet develop a sense of responsibility and discipline. Students will enhance their individual leadership styles and culminate the program with a firm understanding on technical leadership.​

Guide the cadet on the importance of economic, educational, social, cultural, political, and other factors that affect the environment and influence the welfare of communities.

Cadets Advise the positive relationship between good physical and emotional health, hygiene and emotional well-being.

Provide the cadet tools to identify their needs, desires and attitudes in order to achieve and maintain motivation. This process will optimize the image and confidence of the cadet.

Career exploration is accomplished through career assessment and interest inventories, job-specific skills orientation and awareness. Specific classroom activities focus on developing individual resumes, completing job applications, and preparing for and conducting job interviews.

Emphasize structures and individual and group activities involving each cadet according to the "National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program" Physical Fitness Standard which promotes the commitment of physical, mental and emotional well-being of humans motivation.

Provide each cadet educational tools necessary to acquire its school diploma. Influence each cadet, the desire to improve through learning throughout his life.

Motivate the cadet for it, through their efforts, collaborate with community services that are of benefit to society.

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