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Just two months before starting the Challenge that will change their lives, the more than two hundred and twenty Cadets that make up Class 22-01 had a period of time to recharge their reasons to continue with the 22-week challenge. In a brief reunion with their parents and guardians, the Cadets were able to hear the feelings of pride and satisfaction that were expressed by their loved ones.

None of the parties had any knowledge that they would meet; However, the emotion and commitment shown by the parents during the Parent Education celebration gave way to the long-awaited meeting. Sobs, laughter and even screams were heard when in the middle of a reflection, the parents with their eyes closed had to make a wish, when they opened their eyes their children were in front of them.

“Woah! I felt excitement, happiness, I was walking all the way to my house with joy inside, something incredible I saw was very good, more beautiful, more positive, more determined, in short, super different. When I saw him, my heart was filled with so much happiness, it was one of the best days of my life,” said one of the mothers after the exciting meeting.

“It was recharging our batteries,” a Cadet told us when asked what that experience of seeing her parents was like. “Now it gives us more motivation to continue and even more so at this time,” said another of the Cadets interviewed.

And the dates are approaching that produce nostalgia, longings, but with them the commitment to continue towards a better future. A future that is anticipated to be full of success as the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy transforms lives with purposes.

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