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Are you ready to start the CHALLENGE?

Only days to begin the educational CHALLENGE of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGeAcademy more than two hundred and fifty young people have put their desires and goals intothe hands of this educational institution; that not only guarantees them aquality teaching, but also promotes a transformation in stylesof life.

The decision to accept this CHALLENGE is usually a drastic event for thefamily component in the absence of the young participant, soWe hope that you as a family are receptive to being part of our networkof allies in this transformation process. Professor Joseline García,program coordinator, suggests parents trust the processes of theAcademy especially during this first week which is key for permanenceof the young man. “It is a strong CHALLENGE, but we ask you to trust us.Thousands of young people have achieved it throughout the more than twenty years that we Puerto Rico” said the educator.

This weekend is key to strengthening family memories beforethis temporary separation, which is why we recommend holding a meetingfamily where those closest to you, whether brothers, grandparents, uncles or friends, canShare with the young person and instill encouragement. That support from that family nucleus mustmaintained for the next 22 weeks either by letters or withattendance at activities that the family is invited to. The phrases “youyou can”, “you are going to achieve it”, “think about your goals” and“I am proud of you” should not be missing as an incentive for theyoung man arrives strengthened and encouraged.

To make the initial process a success, do not forget to review thedocuments and items necessary for arrival in a new environment whereInnovative opportunities and experiences will be the order of the day. If you acceptedthe CHALLENGE of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy you must be moreso ready for this new adventure called: your future. So therelet's go!

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