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Educational Fair: a date with the future

More than two hundred and twenty Cadets participated in the Educational Fair promoted by the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy as part of the offers to the participants of this prestigious educational institution assigned to the civil mission of the Puerto Rico National Guard.

The educational fair is a participation requirement for each student as part of the educational plans drawn up prior to completing the fourth year of high school on March 25. In this activity, the Universities and Post-Secondary Institutions present their academic offers to the Cadets and explain the available campuses according to their residence.

Some Cadets who were interviewed after the also known “Job Fair” were satisfied with the information received; and decided on a university career in the main educational centers of the country. On the other hand, a group of Cadets assured that participating in the educational fair allowed them to acquire knowledge of academic offers unknown to them, so they would be discussing their alternatives with the Case Manager. IN some cases vocational interests changed due to the information received.

Among the careers that the Cadets selected during the Educational Fair include: Nursing, Piloting, Barbering, Social Work, Psychology, Business Administration, Welding, Mechanics among others.

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