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On the hunt for new experiences of improvement

After almost five months at the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy, the more than two hundred Cadets faced one of the most anticipated and challenging activities of our program; the rappelling towers. It is in this activity that fears and uncertainties are left behind and the Cadet's self-confidence is enhanced.

“Looking at it from below is not the same as being on top and starting to go down with a rope,” said one of the participating Cadets, insisting that the support received by the military assigned to this mission made them complete the challenge.

“I was afraid of heights; but I dared and I saw that I could overcome it. Almost when I got down, I held on and I didn't want to do it, but my teammates and the Sergeants continued to motivate me and I did it,” said another of the young people, very excited about overcoming that fear.

“Everything in this Academy has a real and necessary purpose,” said the leader of the CADRES 1SG section, Michael Rodríguez, explaining that the development of self-confidence and trust in the support team is part of the goal of this activity. . "Apart from doing something different and unusual, what we want is for our Cadets to be convinced that the future is in their hands, that they must trust in themselves and that in this way they will be able to achieve what they set out to do

The rappelling activity took place last Saturday, February 26 at the Río Piedras ROTC facilities where more than two hundred Cadets accepted the Challenge of overcoming fear and promoting self-control in their lives.

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