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Educational processes face a serious challenge, maintaining the teaching-learning process as efficient as possible, where technology has assumed a very active role, replacing the classroom. A system that is not necessarily effective for the young people of our generation who have valued human interaction and in-person learning over the convenience of the virtual alternative.

The Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy has maintained its in-person modality taking all Covid 19 prevention precautions; precautions that have allowed us to graduate about four in-person classes since the beginning of the Pandemic.  And even with the challenges that the so-called surges impose on the Institution, it has remained unscathed in the mission to maintain in-person, quality services for young people between 16 and 18 years of age. Even with the guarantees of health and excellence in the services offered, there is a dilemma that many young people impose on themselves: will PRYCA be the correct alternative for their life plan? Will they make the right decision even though they are aware that it entails sacrifices?_11100000- 0000-0000-0000-000000000111_ The answer is yes.

The dilemma of accepting the challenge of transformation should not be a difficult decision for the family if the benefits that this transformation brings are evaluated; achieve the fourth year high school diploma in an environment of educational excellence, acquire new skills that will allow independent performance to face life with maturity.  In addition, the sacrifice of studying in an accelerated mode In a structured environment you will develop greater perseverance, organizational culture and, above all, invaluable experiences. For the PRYCA, achieving a fourth-year diploma is not the end of the mission; but to keep the young person focused and on track to achieve their future goals such as their study plan or work. Therefore, in these times of continuous CHALLENGE, a variety of extracurricular activities have been integrated into the Academy's school agenda; aimed at enabling the student to obtain work skills. Workshops such as basic sewing, making bracelets, making handmade soaps, developing t-shirt prints, photography, entrepreneurship, among others, provide young people with basic knowledge to develop in the area of interest.

So, if your dilemma is to Accept the Challenge, do it with gallantry and confidence that you will fulfill it.  It is only twenty-two weeks that with the support of the PRYCA you will complete your fourth year of high school in an environment of transformation and educational excellence. #acceptthechallenge

In-person classes have proven to be a motivating entity for students.

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