Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy


The Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy is an educational alternative that is sponsored by the National Guard and is located in Fort Allen, Juana Diaz. The Program’s mission is to intervene in the life of at- risk youth who are high school dropouts and produce graduates with the values, skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults and become productive law abiding citizens. 


ChalleNGe, is co-educational and consists of three phases: the first phase is a two week adjustment phase known as Acclimation Phase, the second phase consists of 20 weeks for cadets to make basic lifestyle changes and focus on eight core components known as Residential Phase and the third phase consists of 12 months where the cadet and mentor link up to follow through with the cadets life plans known as the Post-Residential Phase.


The goal is to improve the cadet’s vital skills and enhance their potential for future job employment, by obtaining "quasi" military training and the eight core components that develop the whole person in terms of mind, body and personal values:


  • Academic Excellence, classes and tutoring for cadets to obtain a high school diploma.

  • Leadership/Followership, learn positive leadership and followership responsibilities.

  • Job Skills, learn employment, resume writing, job interview and career exploration skills.

  • Life Coping Skills, obtain skills to manage daily situations and financial management.

  • Responsible Citizenship, understand civic responsibilities.

  • Physical Fitness, improve fitness with daily exercise and intramural sports.

  • Health and Hygiene, awareness on nutrition, substance abuse, personal relationships and sexuality.

  • Service to the Community, to give back to the community by completing a minimum of 40 hours of service.





 Tel. 787-260-1757


        787-731-3633 Ext. 1448

e mail: challenge@gnpr.pr.gov

Puerto Rico National Guard

Puerto Rico Youth Challenge Academy

PO Box 1411

Juana Díaz PR. 00795



Carr. #149 km. 73.3

Building 156, Fort Allen,

Juana Díaz, 00795


100 General Esteves Street

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Monday - Friday:

8:00 am - 4:30 pm




Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy

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Puerto Rico Youth ChallNGe Academy