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Credit Transcript Request

The Credit Transcript is a confidential document of which copies are issued at the student's request. Confidential transcripts will be sent directly to other institutions or employment agencies. Transcripts are sent by regular mail within a maximum period of 10 business days after receiving your request.


  1.  Please complete an application for each person or institution to which you are interested in sending the credit transcript report.

  2. The Academic Record is a confidential document of which copies are only issued at the request of the student, mother, father or legal guardian or by any Accredited Institution.

  3. Requests must be filed at least five business days before the date the transcript is needed.

  4. The copies given to the student are for their personal use. These copies are given or sent to the student unless the student authorizes in writing the delivery to another person. This person must show valid photo identification at the time.

  5. It is important that you write the correct format for the Institution or person who will send the Transcript. We are not responsible if the document does not reach its destination due to incorrect addresses.

  6. If you have any claim, you must present it within 90 days after the date the Transcript was issued.

Transcript Request

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Purpose of the Transcript:

If the form if filled by Mother, Father or Legal Custodian, please fill this part

Information of the Person or Institution you wish to send the Cretid Transcript

Thanks for submitting!

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