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Our students are called CADETS. But this is a title earned through the academy. During your progress in the Academy, you will earn titles that distinguish your process through the different phases.

Acclimation Period

The two-week Acclimation Period precedes the Residential Phase and orients Candidates to the Challenge program environment by allowing them to adjust to the physical, mental and social discipline required to successfully complete the program. The focus is on teamwork, close quarter drill, code of conduct, leadership and followership, and physical fitness training.


Residential Phase

At the end of the Acclimation Period motivated Candidates are selected and become CADETS. During the next five-months of the Residential Phase, Cadets are fully immersed in a quasi-military type training environment, which emphasizes discipline, consistency, and structure. During the Residential Phase, Cadets experience a schedule that focuses on developing their social, emotional, academic, and basic life skills.

Post-Residential Phase

The 12-month Post-Residential Phase begins when graduates leave the Challenge Academy and return to their communities. The goal of this Phase is for graduates to sustain and build on the gains made during the Residential Phase, and to apply the new skills they have learned to their home environment. In addition, they must continue to develop and implement their life plans. 

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"The best decision you will make in your lives, the process is not easy but it is not impossible, never give up, think about your future, it is a unique experience, in the end you will see all your efforts and Fort Allen will be your second home."

Cadet Solivan - Class 23-02

"The best decision of your life, definitely the only thing you have to do is follow the orders, at first you will want to go, but when the day of that graduation arrives, you will realize what a great family you made…. It's not easy, but everyone there believes in you, heals all that you don't talk to anyone in this time that is for you... Always put everything in God's hands"

Cadet Madera - Class 23-02

"It is the best decision you made, you will meet people who will mark your life, you will learn the value of things and much more, when you least expect it you will be in that chair waiting for them to call you to receive your diploma You will meet beautiful people and people you will get attached to and believe me, take all the advice that the sergeants give you! AND THE FOOD IS ANOTHER THING.
A basic rule follow all the rules believe me they will reward you in the end…
It is difficult to be away from your family, yes, but the satisfaction you will feel that last day when you see your family proud that you did it! Gold worth. You are not going to be the same person who enters as who exits.

Cadet Bermudez - Class 23-02

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