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Christmas is received with celebration and joy at the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy

The preparations and celebration of the Christmas lighting in anticipation of the arrival of the Christmas season has enlivened the spirits of the more than two hundred and thirty Cadets assigned to Class 24-01 of the Puerto Rico Youth Challe NGe Academy.  In the midst of the hectic educational and behavioral transformation agenda in which the young people participate, the activity occurred as an oasis of celebration and relaxation, even at a distance from their families. From the beginning of the week they spent time in the process of decorating and preparing the barracks in anticipation of the competition of the time.

The activities were carried out last December 1 from the morning hours when the young people began tasting the snacks from the food trucks that came to the vicinity of the Class 24-01 company. Bacalaítos, empanadillas, fillings, pinchos, frappe, sweets and soft drinks are some of the treats allowed to the students who optimistically celebrate the arrival of the anniversaries.

At the end of the afternoon, the Cadets participated in the protocol acts of the Lighting of Class 24-01 led by messages from the Adjutant General of the PR National Guard, General Miguel Méndez and the director Matilde Almodóvar Acosta. The artistic performances included dance, drama and the premiere of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy Choir by Carlos Santiago, chef assigned to the ChalleNGe Coffee.

After the long-awaited lighting of the barracks, a panel of Judges led by the Manager of LTC Youth Programs José Rivera visited each barrack where inventiveness had no limits.  The barracks of the first platoon It presented a Puerto Rican decoration and a typical dance. The second platoon created a mini kiosk nearby where those present enjoyed a traditional sancocho and white rice. ”; while the fourth platoon welcomed the judges to the sound of tambourines.  The fifth platoon delighted with desserts and very colorful decoration. The sixth platoon showed a Puerto Rican decoration alluding to the flag and other national icons.  The seventh platoon performed a dance and offered those present piña colada and desserts related to the San Sebastián street festival theme inspiration of the activity.  

A traditional Christmas dinner complemented the activity when the Cadets tasted rice with pigeon peas, pernilo, cakes, potato salad and rice with sweets; all made with the flavor and seasoning just like at home.

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