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Class 22-02: They gallantly begin the second phase of the Challenge.

Twenty weeks remain to fully fulfill the educational and life transformation CHALLENGE promoted by the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy among the more than two hundred and twenty young people who make up Class 22-02. This class that began last April 18 and 19 promises to successfully achieve the highest award in the educational life of the Cadets, their Fourth Year high school diploma.

The Diploma conferred by the Academy, given the power granted by the Accreditation Commission of Educational Institutions (CADIE), is awarded to the young person who has successfully passed the basic subjects leading to the tenth, eleventh grades and twelfth year of high school in conjunction with the elective courses that complement the secondary school curriculum of such a prestigious Academy. Simultaneously with this educational effort, in which the Cadets take the necessary courses to confer the graduate degree, they participate in a series of technical-vocational training that equips them in areas such as Mechanics, Pastry, Culinary Arts, Handyman, Basic Mechanics, Nursing basic and barber shop.

After twenty weeks of intense educational process and once they graduate next September, the cadets will be able to begin the enrollment process at the post-secondary institution of their choice to continue with the professional career previously selected in workshops on “Career Selection ” offered by the Recruitment, Mentoring and Post Residential area.

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