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Education: route to life transformation

The transformation of lives is a process that takes time since there are several elements that affect this succession. For evolution to occur quickly and simultaneously successfully, the Puerto Rico Youth Challe NG e Academy is based on the development of Eight Core Components that dictate the course to follow in individual metamorphosis.

These Components, added to a first-class education, foster in the young person an innate desire to continue the march until the achievement of their educational and, in most cases, personal goals.

“At first it seems very difficult, but as the days go by we see that it is not so difficult. It is something that can be achieved,” said Lizandra Vargas, 18 years old and participant of Class 24-02, with notable emotion. Lizandra accepted that she was educationally unmotivated and because of this, her discipline and vision of the future were disrupted; until she decided to accept the CHALLENGE. "I want my family to be proud of me," she added.

Although they are just beginning on the path to transformation, many Cadets already express optimism in overcoming the challenge of the Core Components. Facing the mock interview, firmly leading your platoons, achieving academic excellence or simply discovering the next challenge, all of these become key pieces to achieving the immediate goal; meet the demands of the High School Diplma under this innovative educational alternative.

“Here they are going to work with me to prepare me for life,” said Nehemías Rodríguez, who seeks in the Puerto Rico Youth Challe NG e Academy an instrument of personal development in order to obtain his secondary education, while at the same time forming the responsible character of a human being.

The path towards the transformation of more than 200 young Puerto Ricans is activated and will not stop until their life goal is met: to create educated, responsible and aware citizens of the potential they have to achieve everything they set out to achieve.

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