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Facing the Empty Nest

For many Puerto Rican families taking on the challenge of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy is more than a mere physical separation; but an emotional challenge in the opinion of the leader of the Counseling area Dennise Gonzalez. “This is something that affects both parties, for young people it is taking on a new challenge with responsibility and on the other hand it is extremely normal for parents to begin to miss their children”

Given the stay of young people at the Academy, many parents have begun to feel the so-called “empty nest” after the arrival of the Candidates last Monday to the educational challenge that will be valid until next March. “I feel lost”, “the house feels empty” were some of the common expressions of the parents.

In order to successfully face the 22 residential weeks proposed by the Academy, the counselor recommends starting to carry out activities that promote self-reflection and, in the process, planning a healthier environment for the family environment._11100000-0000-0000-0000- 000000000111_ “This is a day by day.  You should focus on the fact that this is temporary, it is time for you to do a self-evaluation, make notes of the tasks you have pending and not be scared of the process. Live every experience” González recommended.

Similarly, counselor Rolando Santiago recommended to the parents of the Candidates of Class 24-01 that they use the instrument of letters as a way not only to vent about the absence of their son or daughter; but also to express how important the decision has been to bravely assume the responsibility of completing your studies in a comprehensive training environment. “It is important that they air their feelings in the letters, but at the same time reinforce them with words of motivation. Let him know I love you, I love you and how proud you are as parents of this important step that the young man has taken”

The more than 240 young people arrived at Fort Allen in Juana Diaz last Monday, October 30, to join Class 24-01.

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