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First Pass: between stories and dreams, they celebrate Christmas as a family

The first pass that the Cadets of Class 24-01 enjoyed allowed them to celebrate the traditional Christmas holidays with their family with a special meaning. Away from their homes for just over two months, the young people They celebrated big with family and friends in their respective towns after the authorization of a Christmas break.

The exciting meeting took place last Saturday, December 23 at around noon when Parents and Cadets met in the little forest area to begin the family Christmas break.   According to stories shared by some relatives, most of the Cadets got up at the usual time of 4:30 am, made the bed at exactly 45 degrees and shared more with their family than usual. accustomed.

“My two cadets from platoon 3 and Platoon 2 brought the Challenge home! They have eaten and taught us endless things, surprised with so much learning. Without a doubt the best decision to support them to belong to Class 2401” commented Liny Maldonado through social networks. 

For her part, Zuleika Cotto assured that “ I am very grateful to you for the discipline of my Cadet. He got up at 4:00 am to do his exercises, made his bed, made coffee, studied for his pending exams and has told us his experience of everything he learned and is very happy and above all very positive. Thank you you are the real heroes”

«Our cadet made the bed, exercises and He told us a lot about Challenge. We noticed changes in the way they speak and spend more time with their family. Very notable changes.» said Nefmarie Román.

Since last October, the Cadets have not They visited their respective homes given the beginning of the great educational and transformative Challenge of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy, so this pass served as encouragement and recharge of strength for the coming weeks en route to the graduation ceremonies.  

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