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Historic alliance between the Department of Education and the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy

The transformation of thousands of lives over twenty-five years of secondary educational and behavioral transformation services to the youth population on the island has made the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNG< /em>e Academy in a real study alternative within the options promoted by the Department of Education of Puerto Rico, after the signing today of a historic agreement between this Agency and the Puerto Rico National Guard.

“This agreement means for the Department of Education greater opportunities for our young people; "being able to unite efforts and resources of two entities that have the same purpose to create educational alternatives that allow young people to open doors for the future," said Secretary Eliezer Ramos Parés after the historic signing held in the Library of the new Academy. which is located in Fort Allen de Juana Díaz.

For years the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy has served young people who drop out of school or engage in risk behavior, offering them innovative study alternatives and integrating other components that They allow you to transform the lives of young people to create the structure, goals and objectives that allow them to function as an independent and responsible being. It has been these characteristics of the Academy that have earned the interest of Secretary Ramos Parés in including the Academy in the list of study alternatives for the young students of the system. “From this moment on, the Academy is an alternative for young people who have dropped out or are at risk. We have to recognize that not all young people are the same, promoting alternatives like this is important for the future. I believe that 100 percent of our young people must be taken into account when creating alternatives,” the educator mentioned during the signing of the agreement.

“We are creating history by creating an alliance with the Department of Education, in which all our young people will be on equal terms with the other students in our country; promoting better educational conditions, benefits and likewise as part of the educational alternatives that the Department will have for its students” confirmed Matilde Almodóvar Acosta, director of the Academy that offers free services.

For his part, the Acting Adjutant General of the GNPR, Brigadier General Miguel Méndez praised the historic agreement by pointing out that "The National Guard of PR is today very happy to be able to continue contributing to the people of PR and especially to the young people, promoting and solidifying the relationship we have with the Department of Education to be development tools for these young people who at other times perhaps did not have alternatives, but today they have this alternative.  So the National Guard feels very happy and proud to continue contributing to the people of PR” the General concluded with notable emotion.

Among the most significant agreements are: recognizing the Academy as an academic alternative for students in the public system, offering continuity in services to students of the Special Education Program, disseminating information on all services to the school community and include the Academy's teaching staff in training workshops convened by the educational agency. Likewise, the participation of sports and Academy staff in activities such as educational fairs, athletic competitions or other activities organized by the Department of Education is integrated.

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