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On the way to the goal: fourth year of high school and post-secondary studies

Two hundred and thirteen young people gallantly continue their path towards obtaining the goal proposed last April; graduating from the fourth year of high school. This goal that culminates with the graduation ceremonies next September brings with it the Vocational Technical Certification according to the career of your selection.

On the way to that goal are barbers, nail technicians, pastry chefs, health assistants, handymen, mechanics and welders willing to give their best for the well-being of their families and communities. To reinforce the professional attractions of interest to the Cadets, the Academy confronts them with their immediate future through the “Job Fair” activity, a meeting with post-secondary institutions and universities in the country, where young people learn about the various existing professions. and the municipalities where these institutions offer them.

More than thirty institutions were able to guide the Cadets who, in their desire for knowledge, asked multiple questions that will later allow them to make a wise decision when choosing their professional career. Cadet Eric Peña said that “when I arrived at the Academy, it was in my mind to study mechanics, but after the activity the culinary art caught my attention more so I decided to study this”

For his part, Cadet Luis Echevarría who mentioned that the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico was the one that caught his attention during the “Job Fair” activity because the career he wants to start is in that same branch. “I think that activity was very useful, since we clarified many things. It was not a single university so we were able to interact and clarify doubts” concluded the young man.

The route to the goal is advancing and as time passes towards the conclusion of the path, the Cadets remain in control of their present and building a firm future towards their second route: university.

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