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Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy: much more than a High School Diploma

The challenges that the global educational system has faced have led many institutions to reinvent the teaching processes, so that they satisfy the need for knowledge that young learners face; especially in an environment of continuous globalization.  At the Puerto Rico Youth Challe NG e Academy, education merges with innovation in teaching techniques, which allows the integration of experiences for the student in order to create a complete citizen capable of facing life's challenges.

With the education offered by this Academy system, books, diplomas, grades and classrooms are transcended; It is an education that, diversified in itself, allows not only immediate learning, but the evolution and transformation of a human being with diverse abilities.  The integration of the Components of life skills and work skills They complement the integration of facets that will allow the effective scope of the social and individual development of students. 

“More than a High School Diploma” is how graduates express themselves when they face the reality of the world and successfully overcome social reintegration with useful tools that direct them to achieve clear goals for their next phases: student life and integration to the country's working class. Many claim that it was the training experiences they faced at the Academy that propelled them towards achieving the proposed objectives. Given this, educators strive for education to be innovative that causes an increase in proficiency, effectiveness and self-confidence in each of the students who are and have been part of this educational system.

The Puerto Rico Youth Challe NG e Academy has shown that the extension of the classrooms to experimental, comprehensive and formative education has been a great incentive in the process of thousands of young people who, due to their talents, intellect, strengths and even weaknesses, They failed to adjust to a traditional system.

The satisfaction of each of the students who seek beyond a High School Diploma is the main focus of the educational strategy of the Academy, which has become the best educational alternative in Puerto Rico

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