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The honorable recognition of the Cadet of the Month

The route to achieving the educational process and behavioral transformation of a young person is linked to positive reinforcement that contributes to the strengthening of self-esteem, commitment to their goals and the honorable privilege of recognition.

During the 22-week stay promoted by the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy, young people receive tools that lead them to develop as responsible citizens trained with the highest standards of commitment, leadership, responsibility and discipline, merits that make him worthy of multiple recognitions.

The main evocation that the young participants of this Academy receive with honor is the nomination as Candidate for Cadet of the Month, an appointment made each month to a Cadet representative per Platoon; and of these, one is selected as exalted representative of Class 24-01.

The Cadet of the Month Panel Committee composed of Deputy Director Fernando Quiñones, Coordinator Joseline García, 1SG Kenny Rentas, MS Alexander Ramirez, Lead Instructor Luz Torres and Lead Advisor Denisse González receive the seven Cadets nominated by their Sergeants and platoon mates individually where they are exposed to a range of questions related to the performance, interaction, execution, discipline and leadership with which the members of the Academy serve. After an exhaustive evaluation and after completing the proposed rubric, the Committee announces the designated Cadet of the Month.

For the nominees, this mention turns out to be a recognition of all the effort made to comply with the Eight Components, the philosophical basis of the Academy, and a motivational incentive to successfully fulfill the educational CHALLENGE promoted by the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy. "It's difficult but not impossible. "We have achieved everything with the purpose of improving in all areas of our life," said one of the nominees who participated in the recognition of the Cadet of the Month for December.

On this occasion, the merit was assigned to Cadet Habriel Rodríguez Alicea of the Fifth Platoon who, surprised, accepted the highest recognition for the month of December. «I honestly did not expect to be selected as the Cadet of the month because we have all done a great job. I feel very proud of myself, of my work within the Academy. "I worked very hard and gave my best at all times," Rodríguez said after the announcement made last Friday at the end of the educational day.

«Being the Cadet of the month represents the highest competition between platoons. Being chosen for this competition represents that the Cadet has demonstrated leadership and performance over his peers: »concluded the 1SG Rentas promoter of the distinction.

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