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THE process of maturity in the midst of nostalgia

Most of the Cadets who live the experience of the Puerto Rico Youth ChalleNGe Academy express that in the nostalgia for the absence of their relatives they experience a process of personal maturity that leads them to recognize the importance of loved ones.

This was felt in the long-awaited Parents Workshop where the majority of the Cadets recognized that while they had their families present they did not value them as they deserved. The absence of their parents, siblings and other relatives in the process of living together for twenty-two weeks at the Academy has made them reflect on the times they invested time in activities that took them away from their close relatives. Precisely during the Workshop and as part of the dynamics that were carried out, the moderator asked questions that led the Cadets to analyze the moments that they have failed in their role as children. “I identified myself when they asked who had ignored their parents in a conversation and I even cried, because I did that,” said one of the participants, extremely moved.

For her part, one of the female participants assured that in each question she analyzed herself and even felt ashamed for identifying with each premise. “When they started asking questions I stopped at the first one, at the second one and I continued like that; and I told myself wow that I have failed a lot with my parents. I have a lot to improve”

This is one of many tools that the Academy provides so that both parents and children can reconcile family relationships. From the young man's point of view, the acceptance of his mistakes and the genuine desire to begin a new episode in his family life arises after maturing in the midst of nostalgia.

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